Hello Friends,
I am born and brought up in Indore (India), which is a city famous for food & foodies. Got married and settled in Surat(India) which is another city famous for food. Certain things get better with age, so did my cooking, from taking care of my family’s need I learned to make healthy as well as appealing dishes. Once when my daughter got married and settled I started experimenting and cooking for my husband and friends. They all started encouraging me to become a better cook day by day and I started enjoying. I decided to go to Le cordon blue London, for a short course. When I was there I realised there is no age limit to learn. I started experimenting with cooking and was encouraged by my family and friends to share my recipes and passion with others and that’s the reason I am here today.

I love to travel and explore the world. Due to my passion for travel I explored cuisines from all over the world. I always felt being a vegetarian, I had limited options but I was wrong. Every part of the world has many vegetarian options and from here my desire to cook and experiment started. It is amazing how delectable a vegetarian meal can be, just the right combination of herbs and spices and the nature’s bounty.

Cooking is an art, therapy and passion! These days we see so many people who say, Oh! Back in the days we used to cook. With the facility of having cooks in every household and easy food delivery options, we have forgotten what it feels like to be cooking.

My Dear, cooking is an art, which needs a lot of skill and patience. I was always a good cook but last 2 years I realised that cooking worked as a therapy on me. Whenever I felt low on my energy levels and entered into the kitchen it gave a boost to my energy and had a very calming effect on my mind. With the zest and passion that I was cooking, I realised, it reflected in my dishes.

In my experience, I have learned that a little touch of love adds flavour to the food.

As it is rightly said “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, let’s start cooking once a week, for the love of our family and as a therapy for our souls. Let’s get back to the kitchen!