Couscous Rice Rolls with Spicy Mango Dip

Couscous Rice Rolls with Spicy Mango Dip - Asian - Japanese Cusine
Couscous Rice Rolls with Spicy Mango Dip(10 servings 1 each)
Ingredients & methods of Couscous Rice Rolls with Spicy Mango Dip

    · 10 rice paper sheets
    · 1 cup cooked couscous
    · ¼ cup chopped mint leaves
    · ¼ cup chopped coriander leaves
    · ¼ cup finely sliced zucchini (lengthwise)
    · ¼ cup finely sliced carrot(lengthwise)
    · 2 table spoons grated ginger
    · ¼ cup chopped lettuce
    · salt
    · black pepper
    · 1 table spoon chili flakes
    · 2 tables spoon lemon juice

    In a bowl mix, everything other than the rice sheets. Mix well & keep it aside.
    Ingredients for Spicy mango dip:
    · 1 chopped mango
    · 4 table spoons of mayonnaise
    · 2 table spoons of chopped paprika
    · 2 table spoons of sriracha sauce/ red chili sauce
    · 2 table spoon lemon juice
    · salt & black pepper
    · 2 table spoon maple syrup
    · few chopped mint leaves
    In a bowl add all the ingredients & mix well.

    Assembling of the couscous rice rolls
    · Take warm water in a flat pan. Dip the rice sheet for 30-45 seconds. Take it out gently. Place couscous mix on one end and start rolling. Repeat the procedure with all the rice sheets. In a platter arrange all the rice rolls and pour the spicy mango dip & garnish with mint leaves.