Paan (Beetle Leaf) Sandesh Shorts

Paan (beetle leaf) Sandesh Shorts (makes 6 glasses – serve chilled)
Ingredients & methods of Paan (Beetle Leaf) Sandesh Shorts

    1 Liter full cream milk 
    3-4 table spoons of lime juice
    ½ cup sugar
    3 fresh Beetle leaves
    2 table spoons of chopped cranberry
    4 table spoons of chopped pistachio
    1 table spoon of rose water
    1 beetle leave cut into slices

    Heat the milk in a pan, once starts boiling add lemon juice. The milk will start getting curdled. Switch off the flame and strain the curdled milk. Pour little water on it and let the water strain for 15 minutes. 
    In a pan add the curdled milk and sauté for a minute. Add sugar and sauté again for a minute.

    Remove from the flame and let it cool. In a blender add the mixture, beetle leaves and rose water. Blend well. 

    In a short glass pour the mixture, top it with chopped cranberries and pistachio and the cut beetle leaf.