Smoked Cranberry Pistachio Cheese

Smoked Cranberry Pistachio Cheese - European Cuisine
Smoked Cranberry Pistachio Cheese (serves 6 – 2 each)
Ingredients & methods of Smoked Cranberry Pistachio Cheese

    ½ cup chopped Pistachio /50 gms
    ½ cup chopped dried cranberries
    200 gm cream cheese
    1 ½ table spoons maple syrup/20 ml
    2 table spoons chopped jalapeno/20 gms
    1 table spoon chopped thyme
    1 tea spoon chopped rosemary
    1 tea spoon dry ginger powder
    1 tea spoon garlic powder
    1 tea spoon black pepper
    salt to taste
    12 cracker biscuits

    Keep 4 table spoons of pistachio, 3 table spoons cranberry and few rosemary and thyme separate. In a bowl add all the ingredients. In a platter place a round ring, put the cream cheese mixture inside the ring. Remove the ring. Heat the charcoal on the burner till red. Place the charcoal near the cream cheese. Put a drop of oil on the charcoal and cover the cheese. Let the smoke settle and remove the charcoal. Serve with cracker biscuits.
    For the smoke

    1 Charcoal
    1 tea spoon oil to put in the charcoal