Tiramisu - Recipe for Italian Cuisine at Kitchen by Nidhi
Tiramisu (6 -8 persons)
Ingredients & methods of Tiramisu

    · 1 packet (200 gm) ladyfingers or Savoirardi biscuits
    · 250 gm mascarpone cheese
    · ¾ cup of whipping cream
    · 3 eggs (egg white and yolks separated)
    · ¾ cup of sugar (75 gm) (white granules)
    · 2-3 spoons of coffee
    · 1 ½ cup of luke warm water
    · 6-8 tablespoon rum/coffee liqueur/ baileys (this can be increased)
    · cocoa powder for dusting

    · In a deep flat bowl add luke warm water, coffee powder ,2 spoon of sugar and 3 tablespoons of rum or any other liqueur which you are using. Stir it and keep it aside for 10 minutes. Till then let’s prepare for the cheese. In a double boiler add egg yolks, sugar and 3 spoons of rum (your choice of liqueur).

    Keep stirring till the sugar gets dissolved. Don’t overcook it. Off the gas and with a hand grinder whip it for 3-4 minutes till it gets creamy. Keep it aside. In a bowl add whipping cream and whip the cream till you start making peaks.

    Keep this aside as well. Now add in a whisking bowl the egg white, whisk till it gets foamy, add mascarpone cheese to it and whisk it lightly. Now add the whipped cream, yellow egg creamy mixture to it. Just mix it well.
    Assembling of tiramisu:
    · Take a dish or individual bowl of your choice. Layer the ladyfinger by dipping in the coffee powder syrup which we made. Now cover the ladyfinger with half of the creamy cheese we prepared.

    Again, make a layer of ladyfingers dipped in coffee on top of the cheese. Cover the layer again with creamy cheese evenly.

    Cover it and put in the fridge for 6 hours to set. Dust with the cocoa powder and serve.