Yakitori Paneer Rice with Butter Corn

Yakitori Paneer Rice with Butter Corn - Asian cuisine at Kitchen by Nidhi
Yakitori Paneer Rice with Butter Corn (serves 4 people)
Ingredients & methods of Yakitori Paneer Rice with Butter Corn

    Ingredients for Yakitori sauce

    ¼ cup of soya sauce
    2 table spoons vodka(optional)
    2 table spoons grated ginger
    1 table spoon chopped paprika
    2 table spoons chopped garlic
    2 table spoons mirin
    1 table spoon chilly sauce
    2 table spoons tomato ketchup
    2 table spoons corn flour
    2 table spoons maple syrup
    ½ cup water

    Mix all the ingredients and your Yakitori base sauce is ready
    Ingredients for Yakitori paneer rice 

    2 cups cooked long grain/basmati rice
    250 gm cubed paneer/tofu
    2 spoons sesame oil
    2 table spoons corn flour
    ½ cup of yakitori sauce
    few chopped scallions
    few cilantro leaves
    black pepper
    few toasted sesames seed
    In a bowl add the cubed paneer/tofu. Add 1 table spoon of sesame oil, corn flour, salt and black pepper. Mix well. Heat the pan add 1 spoon of sesame oil add the corn flour coated paneer to it. Sauté till golden brown. Add the yakitori sauce and cook for 2 minutes on a slow flame. Garnish with scallions.
    Ingredients for butter corn

    1 cup cooked corn kernels
    2-3 table spoons butter
    1 table spoon chopped garlic
    4 table spoons chopped shallots
    1 table spoon jalapeno
    5 table spoons cubed capsicum
    black pepper
    Heat the pan, add butter to it. Let the butter melt add garlic and shallots and sauté. Add the jalapeno, capsicum and corn kernels. Sauté well. Add salt, black pepper and chilly flakes. Sauté well and your butter corn is ready.

    Assembling of the dish
    Place the cooked rice on a platter. Arrange the yakitori paneer. Place the butter corns on the rice. Garnish with some extra yakitori sauce, scallions and roasted sesame seeds.